Conditions and Procedures

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Mr Sarker is an Orthopaedic Hand & Wrist Surgeon Essex & London & offers a wide range of treatment for all hand and wrist conditions. He has a particular interest in some modern treatment options for conditions such as wrist and thumb base arthritis. 

Dupuytren’s Disease – Needle Fasciotomy, Fasciectomy, Dermofascietomy

Nerve Entrapment – Open/Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Decompression, Cubital Tunnel Decompression

Removal of Ganglion

Trigger finger/thumb – adults and children

Arthritis of the small joints of the hand – steroid injections, joint replacement, fusion

Arthritis of the base of thumb – steroid injections, Trapeziectomies, ligament reconstruction, joint replacement

Arthritis of the carpal bones – steroid injection, fusions, excision arthroplasty

Arthritis of the wrist – steroid injection, fusion, joint replacement

Wrist Arthroscopy 

Wrist Denervation

Distal Radius Malunion – Patient-Specific Osteotomies

Scaphoid Fractures – Acute fixation, Fixation of non-unions

Ulna Abutment Syndrome – wafer procedure, ulna shortening osteotomy 

Sports Injuries of the hand and wrist 

Ligament reconstruction of the hand and wrist 

Tendon injuries/disorders

Rheumatoid disease of the wrist and hands